Aegean cotton

Unparalleled luxury and sumptuously soft fabrics made from 100% natural Aegean Cotton, or a cotton blend with Bamboo or Linen. Child friendly.


The softest feel on your skin and ultra absorbent. Our limited edition Bamboo Collection use an environmentally sustainable natural fibre. Made from a blend of bamboo and premium aegean cotton, we offer the ideal antibacterial alternative!



Harvested by hand and spun into a yarn is a delicate process. This in turn gives us the strongest possible fabric with many amazing qualities; it is quick drying, superbly smooth and with virtually no lint! The limited PNT World Linen Collection features the best fabric to wrap yourself with during hot weather and since it dries off real quick, it is the handiest reason to get wet!

Natural Dyes

Our yarns are naturally dyed using the traditional process of soaking the dye in water and adding the yarn in the dye bath. The solution is then brought to a simmer for a period ranging from days to weeks until the dye has been transferred to the yarn.


Recycled Cotton

UpCycling is the way forward.
We carefully select post-industrial organic cotton for a sustainable environment.