Data collection procedures during a visit to the website

Each user when visiting the website , is not obliged to register or disclose any information that may be classified as personally identifiable information, such as his name or address and phone number. The company does not require such information from the visitor. Also no technology is used to collect this data from the company. The company has the ability to collect data which, however, does not relate to the person itself, except for some general information such as the name of the browser used or the count of the person visiting the site as a number to measure traffic, which may be used for its own work or for the further promotion of some advertising or other actions of the company.

Data collection procedures through the sites of the company-contact forms

There is a way to collect personal data through our online store. One of these ways is the contact forms provided to the user, which he chooses to complete in an online communication effort with the company. It should be noted that there are other ways of communication, in which the user is not required to enter his details in any form. The form for filling in this information may contain a place for entering personal data such as name, address and telephone as well as other information, such as a place in the workplace and the company in which the person concerned works. It should be noted that some of these are mandatory (eg name) and some are not (eg address), in an effort to further respect the individual’s personal information. The company uses this information for its own use only and for better service of the interested party and communication with him. The company does not provide this information to third parties.

Use of cookies by the company

We use cookies on our website for the proper operation of the website, for the provision of personalized functions, for the improvement and for the adaptation of advertising and other content, in order to reflect your special needs and interests. We also use cookies to collect statistics that allow us to understand how users use our website and help to improve its structure and content. Be aware that discarding certain categories of cookies will affect your experience on our site and some features may not be available.