• Giraffe – Serengeti Dreams 49,00 

    Experience the majesty of the African savanna with our “Serengeti Dreams” Cotton Fouta Towel, showcasing a stunning giraffe-inspired pattern. From our Animal Collection, this towel seamlessly merges comfort and artistry. The giraffe motif adds a touch of nature’s grace to your seaside adventures or home decor, all while providing a soft and absorbent haven for your body. Immerse yourself in the charm of the Serengeti with this remarkable Fouta Towel.

  • Leopard – Safari Chic 49,00 

    Unleash your inner wild side with our “Safari Chic” Cotton Fouta Towel, featuring an alluring leopard print design. Part of our Animal Collection, this towel combines style and functionality effortlessly. The leopard spots add a touch of exotic allure to your beach days or bathroom decor, while the ultra-soft cotton pampers your skin. Lounge by the pool or step out of the shower in ultimate luxury with this elegant and fierce Fouta Towel.

  • Leopard waves 49,00 

    Introducing our Leopard Waves Fouta, where the rhythmic dance of waves meets the untamed spirit of leopards. This unique fouta features a wave-y pattern adorned with patches of leopard print and bursts of color. Dive into the wild elegance as you wrap yourself in the soft, lightweight fabric, making it perfect for beach lounging, a stylish pareo, or a statement scarf. Embrace the fusion of nature-inspired elements with Leopard Waves, a versatile and eye-catching addition to your collection.

    Available on back-order

  • Leos 40,00 

    A cotton fouta that seamlessly blends classic elegance with the untamed allure of the wilderness. The timeless leopard pattern, rendered in subtle hues, adds a touch of sophistication to your beach experience. This sand-free, lightweight companion invites you to embody the grace and strength of the leopard, creating an effortlessly chic statement by the shore.

    Available on back-order

  • Penguins in summer 49,00 

    Welcome to the world of Arctic Charm with our Penguin Parade Fluffy Cotton Fouta. Immerse yourself in the whimsical embrace of this exceptionally soft and fluffy fouta adorned with a delightful penguin pattern. Each adorable penguin adds a playful touch, creating a scene reminiscent of a winter wonderland.
    Crafted from luxurious cotton, this fouta is not just a towel; it’s an invitation to experience warmth and comfort. The fluffy texture enhances the coziness, making it perfect for wrapping yourself up on chilly evenings or adding a touch of Arctic magic to your beachside adventures.

  • Zebra – Wild Stripes 49,00 

    Evoke the untamed spirit of the savanna with our “Wild Stripes” Cotton Fouta Towel, adorned with striking zebra-inspired patterns. Crafted with the finest cotton, it offers a plush and absorbent experience for your beach excursions or bath time. The contrasting stripes bring a touch of nature’s elegance to your daily routine, while the lightweight design makes it perfect for travel. Wrap yourself in the beauty of the wild and stand out with this unique Fouta Towel.

  • Zebras 40,00 

    Step into the playful realm of Zebras, where the timeless zebra pattern takes a lighthearted twist. This fouta captures the essence of carefree adventures with its whimsical stripes, ensuring a sand-free delight by the beach. Embrace the lightweight comfort as you wrap yourself in the playfulness of zebra stripes, adding a touch of safari-inspired charm to your seaside escapades.

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