• Corals by the sea 49,00 

    Introducing our Cotton Fouta Towel in a stunning Coral-themed design, a part of our exclusive Maritime Collection! Immerse yourself in the luxurious softness and plushness of this towel, made from the finest cotton. Its unique coral pattern adds a touch of oceanic beauty to your beach days or bathroom decor, creating a serene and tropical ambiance. Whether you’re drying off after a swim or adding a coastal charm to your home, our Coral-themed Fouta Towel effortlessly combines comfort and style. Bring the tranquil allure of the sea into your life with this exceptional addition to your collection.

  • Crabs on the shore 49,00 

    Introducing our delightful Cotton Fouta Towel from the Maritime Collection, featuring a charming crab-themed design! This towel is not only incredibly soft and fluffy, but it also brings a touch of seaside elegance to your beach outings or bathroom decor. Made from high-quality cotton, it combines luxury and functionality, making it perfect for both drying off after a refreshing swim and adding a nautical flair to your home. Dive into the comfort and style of our Crab-themed Fouta Towel today and experience the coastal ambiance it brings to your life.

  • Fish me 40,00 

    This fouta celebrates the diversity of marine life and invites you into a vibrant underwater world with its playful display of different fishes. Each fish a unique brushstroke in the masterpiece of the sea. Wrap yourself in the colours of the ocean and let the lively patterns transport you to a realm teeming with underwater wonders.

  • Fishchain 35,00 

    Fishchain presents a continuous pattern of fish, creating a visual symphony that mirrors the interconnectedness of marine ecosystems. As you unwind with this fouta, feel the seamless flow of the fish-chain, a harmonious representation of the rhythm and unity found beneath the waves.

  • Penguins in summer 49,00 

    Welcome to the world of Arctic Charm with our Penguin Parade Fluffy Cotton Fouta. Immerse yourself in the whimsical embrace of this exceptionally soft and fluffy fouta adorned with a delightful penguin pattern. Each adorable penguin adds a playful touch, creating a scene reminiscent of a winter wonderland.
    Crafted from luxurious cotton, this fouta is not just a towel; it’s an invitation to experience warmth and comfort. The fluffy texture enhances the coziness, making it perfect for wrapping yourself up on chilly evenings or adding a touch of Arctic magic to your beachside adventures.

  • Seahorse 35,00 

    “Sea Horse” introduces whimsical wonders with its intricate design inspired by these enchanting creatures. This fouta captures the delicate beauty and unique charm of seahorses, creating a tapestry of marine magic. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world beneath the waves, where every detail echoes the elegance of the sea horse.

  • Seaturtles 35,00 

    Sea Turtles showcases elegance with an eco-friendly touch, crafted from recycled cotton. This fouta not only honors the grace of sea turtles but also reflects our commitment to sustainability. Wrap yourself in the soft embrace of recycled fibers and become part of the movement for a greener, more ocean-friendly world.

  • Seaurchins 49,00 

    Dive into the beauty of the ocean with our Cotton Fouta Towel featuring a captivating Sea Urchin design. As a part of our Maritime Collection, this towel combines softness and style, elevating your beach days and bathroom decor with a touch of marine wonder. Crafted from premium cotton, it provides luxurious comfort along with its unique aesthetic. Let the graceful Sea Urchins transport you to the tranquil depths of the sea as you dry off after a swim or enhance your home with a coastal charm. Immerse yourself in the maritime magic with this exquisite Fouta Towel!

  • Starfish 35,00 

    The Starfish fouta brings a touch of understated elegance with its two-tone pastel palette. Like the delicate creatures adorning the ocean floor, this fouta captures the grace and simplicity of starfish. Wrap yourself in serenity as you enjoy the soothing hues inspired by the gentle interplay of sea and sand.

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