• Elli 15,00 

    Meet our Elli Fouta, a timeless classic with even stripes in a combination of vibrant colors and crisp white. Crafted from recycled cotton, this sand-free beauty not only offers sustainable elegance but also versatility. Whether it’s a beach day or a cozy day out, the Elli Fouta makes for a perfect gift. Share the joy of style, eco-friendliness, and functionality with the Elli Fouta.

  • Fedra 15,00 

    Fedra, a playful twist on classic stripes, made from recycled cotton. Its lively and vibrant pattern adds a touch of fun to your beach trips, while its sand-free feature ensures a hassle-free experience by the shore. This Fouta is a thoughtful gift choice, striking the perfect balance between style, eco-consciousness, and practicality. Share the joy of a day at the beach with the Fedra Fouta, designed to delight and impress.

  • Handblock – Eye 55,00 

    Immerse yourself in the soft embrace of our Double Gauze Natural Fouta stamped with the all-seeing eye. This fouta, crafted with delicate double gauze, combines the gentle touch of natural fabric with the mystical charm of the eye symbol. Perfect for beachside relaxation or adding a touch of symbolic elegance to your home, it’s a versatile companion for those who appreciate both comfort and style. Also available in our Beach Cover Ups Collection as a Kimono or a Robe with a hood, thes eye stamped fouta is perfect also as a pareo or a scarf, adding an extra layer of versatility to your beach wardrobe. Complete the ensemble with a matching wristlet for a coordinated and chic beach look.

  • Mati 40,00 

    A perfect blend of simplicity and comfort. With its understated charm, this pestemal features thin, subtle stripes that create a gentle texture, perfect for those who appreciate a more relaxed and easygoing vibe. The jacquard weaving technique adds a touch of sophistication without sacrificing the soft, lightweight feel that makes it an ideal companion for any laid-back moment, whether you’re by the pool, at the spa, or simply unwinding at home. Embrace the understated elegance of our Jacquard Pestemal for a touch of tranquility in your daily routine.

  • Midea 55,00 

    Midea (Μήδεια – Pronunciation: /ˈmiːdiə/)
    The eye of Midea possesses the mythical ability to see both the future and the past. Rooted in Greek mythology, this eye continues to hold significant cultural importance, resonating with tradition and symbolism. The Midea fouta serves as a visual ode to the all-seeing eye, an emblem of wisdom and foresight, encapsulating the enduring power of myth in the fabric of everyday life.

  • Playfull Eyes 45,00 

    Feel the electrifying energy with our Thunderstruck Jacquard Fouta. This fouta captures the dynamic essence of thunder with its bold patterns. Whether you’re seeking a beach companion that resonates with the power of the elements or adding a touch of drama to your home, the Thunder Fouta is a testament to the beauty found in the intensity of nature’s forces.

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